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TPD Information - All about the changes in the European Vaping Law



Tobacco product directive (TPD) or European Tobacco Product Directive (EUTPD) is the European Union's law regarding the sale and purchase of tobacco-related products. It makes sure to prioritize the health protection for European citizens.

The Directive covers the sale of all tobacco and tobacco-related products, including cigarettes, rolled tobacco, electronic cigarettes, Manufacturing, and presentation. It got applied on 20th May 2016 in the EU Member States but was enacted on 19th May 2014. The European Union and its Member have focused on control measures with the purpose of tackling the situation in terms of legislation, recommendation, and information campaigns.

In short, Tobacco Product Directive strategies contain; the ordinance of tobacco products all across the EU market (such as ingredients, packaging, and labeling), commercializing tobacco products restrictions, establishing smoke-free environments, tax measures, action against the illegal trade, and procuring the anti-smoking campaigns. All these factors are crucial for the health of the European citizens and need to be taken care of.


In order to sell e-cigarettes new rules introduced by TPD has to be ensured that are:

  • Least safety and quality benchmarks
  • Required information regarding the nicotine-containing products must be provided to the consumers to ensure their safety and appropriate use of the equipment.
  • To prevent the children from starting these products, proper protection must be established.


Let's deep dive into these new rules:

Products containing nicotine in reference to e-cigarettes/ vaping have to make sure of the following things by May 2017 that includes:

  • The maximum permissible e-liquid volume in a single container is 10ML.
  • The capacity of tanks must not exceed 2ml
  • E-liquid's nicotine strength must be under 20mg/ml
  • It must be child-resistant and inviolable.
  • It must be caffeine, taurine, and colorings free.
  • Submission is required to MHRA before ready for sale.
  • All the related warnings and relevant information must be included.


In between the time-span of Directive coming into play May 2016, and the cut-off date of May 2017, non-compliant stock of products with TPD must be sold by the retailers.

No one can purchase the non-compliant products within the EU after May 2017. Due to this Directive, many brands that you were familiar with have vanished from the shelves. The chances are that your manufacturer could not provide you the complaint products on time if you have suffered the same issue.



We ensure that every product we stock is compliant by the deadline, ever since the Directive came into force.

The Products that we manufacture ourselves are submitted for testing and certification.

Since our e-liquids contain the highest grade ingredients, as a result, each flavor provided by us has passed the test. We use the following elements in our e-liquids, and each of the components is Diacetyl and Propionyl free:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • De-ionized water
  • Natural and artificial flavorings



The products we can sell will be affected by the changes to the law. All the non-compliant products will be removed from the stocks of Vape Fanaticz, which will lead to the reduction of our vape juice.

We are going to modify some of our products 30ml bottles of e-liquids will go off sale and be replaced by 10ml bottles. But no matter the circumstances, we will still continue to provide you products at best and affordable prices. We ensure that our customers never suffer a price hike caused due to the legal changes.

Customers can observe a difference in the sizes of our tanks that will be reduced to 2ml. Less experienced vapers may/ may not notice it; however, the experienced vapers and sub-ohmers probably will have to adapt to the changes, and after a while, they will get used to it.

But you can be relaxed regarding the fact that all our products and vaping equipment will always be compliant with the latest quality and safety measures. And we will stock a range of products for all levels of vapers.

In case, if you have any queries about the Tobacco Product Directive, its effect on any of your favorite products, or what change can you expect on your favorite product. Please get in touch with us without a second thought.

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