Vape Fanaticz Troubleshooting

An extensive troubleshooting guide to general vaping issues. 

Most recent and usual 15 issues that we are asked about.

Vape Fanaticz has drawn up a list of few common vaping issues that you might get into regarding your vaping device. Vaping must be an enjoyable experience, but at times you might face some problems. Here is a piece of great news for you that most issues can be resolved quickly with ease, all you have to do is follow our guide that we have put together that contains answers to all your problems or the ones that we get asked about the most.

Next time you, if your vaping device runs into any issue, follow our guide and get back to your enjoyable vaping experience.


Problem 1: When the Vape device battery does not work, please look for these matters persists:

  1. Pressing the power button too often

See if you have pushed the power button too often and switched it off.

Usually, vape device batteries can be turned off or on by firing the on-off switch multiple times in quick succession. The number of firing depends upon the brand you are using, and it may range from 3, 5 to 6. Please check your user manual for more details.

  1. Charging is not sufficient

If you think it needs charging, make sure you are using the adequate charger for your battery. Once you plug in a charger, your battery will show the signal that charging is in progress.

  1. Examine for connection issues

Examine for any connection issues. Any dust particles or gunked up vape juice can cause problems for the terminal between your tank and the battery. Clean it gently using a cotton bud or any soft material.

  1. For more details, go through our battery safety guide

Go through our extensive guide to battery safety and make sure that you may not have damaged your battery.

If nothing worked:

The chances are that you may need a new battery this time. Because like any other battery, it may lose storage over time, you can visit us with your battery to get it checked for capacity.

Try out our comprehensive range of vape batteries in case you need a replacement.


Problem 2: My mods OLED screen indicates for no atomizer

Follow these steps:

  1. Look over your atomizer

Rotate your vaping device checking at the tank to see if it is crooked. Usually, this issue arises due to the equipment being transported with you, dropped, or knocked. But it can be repaired if it is crooked; however, the chances are that you might need a new tank this time.

  1. Look over your 510 pin

Make sure you have adjusted your tank pin to suit your mod if the device you own has an adjustable 510 pin.

  1. Look over your coil

Connection at the base can be clogged due to the e-liquid, or your coil may be loose. Ensure that your vaping mod does not have these issues.

  1. Look over your tank to ensure that it's not over tightened.

The tank should not be over tightened on the mod to make sure that it works smoothly.

  1. Clear connecting terminals

The devices' atomizer must have contact with the mod, but this can be disturbed due to any dust particle between the connections, clear it off if you suspect this may be the case.

  1. The coil may need replacement

Make sure to follow our comprehensive guide to coil priming, if your coil needs replacement.


Problem 3: Unable to get any draw from the vaping device 

Follow these steps:

  1. Examine your battery

Ensure your battery is turned on and charged enough.

  1. Check tanks liquid

Look into your tank and ensure that you have e-liquid in it.

  1. Look over the connections

There should be a clear connection between the coil and battery. Make sure that connections are correctly maintained to get enough draw from your vaping device.

If nothing worked:

At times, due to the cotton being tightly wound within the coil, there is no sufficient airflow to get through to offer adequate draw you are expecting or satisfied with. The chances are that the coil you are using is dud, even if it is a fresh one or primed appropriately.


Problem 4: Facing spitting or gurgling sound while vaping

Follow these steps:

  1. Try flicking your device.

Remove any excess vape juice from the coil by flicking the device towards the floor (preferably outside or into any tissue). It can be done by lifting the mouthpiece or drip tip.

  1. Examine for e-liquid overfill

Check the vape tank to secure that it is not over-filled with e-liquid or tightly attached to the vape battery.

  1. Try soak and drying vaping device tank

Take out your vape tank and run it under warm water to remove any excess vape juice. Then with the help of kitchen roll, dry it by gently patting the tank with it and later put it back when it is completely dry.

If nothing worked:

It may be too much for your tank to handle the way you are inhaling. Switch to other tanks that are more suitable for Direct-to-lung (DTL) and provides bigger hits.


Problem 5: I am facing e-liquid leak through the airflow

Follow these steps:

  1. Prevent from the direct heat

Leaving the vape device in the hot place results in overheating and can cause thinning of e-liquid. Please make sure that your device has not suffered any such problem.

  1. Look over your coil

Check if your vaping device coil needs replacement. If this seems the case, please follow our comprehensive guide to coil priming while replacing the coil.

  1. Mouth to lung or direct to lung, which style is yours?

See how you vape – if your device is appropriate for Direct-To-Lung vaping, but if you are practicing Mouth-To-Lung vaping, you may overheat your device.

  1. What kind of vape juice are you using?

At first, remember including too much PG thinner to your e-liquid will cause leaking out of the airflow. Now examine what e-liquid you are using. If it is a low resistance coil, it must have bigger airflow holes suitable for use with higher VG (thicker) vape juice.

  1. Increase the power setting

To vaporize more juice per puff and prevent leakage from a flooded coil, you can increase the power setting of your device.

  1. Your tank should be empty if you are planning to travel through a plane!

Recently, if you have traveled through a flight, the change in the air pressure must have forced your e-liquid to out of the tank. Remember, always empty your tank before taking a flight.


Problem 6: I am facing e-liquid leak from the tank

Follow these steps:

  1. Never overfill the liquid

Your tank should not be overfilled that will cause vape juice to pool within the central tube. Always leave some air within the container, which creates a vacuum to prevent the vape juice from leakage.

  1. Never over-tightened your device

All the components need to be threaded appropriately, but never over-tightened a single part.

  1. Look over your O-ring

O-ring or seals in your tank may require some cleaning or need to be replaced.

  1. Examine if your tank would have cracked

If the glass has cracked, then you may need replacement. Check out our range of stock replacement glass for multiple atomizers.

  1. Vape device should be kept upright

Whenever your device is not in use, try keeping your device upright.

If nothing worked:

Not all vaping device is not suitable for all vape styles; you may need a different tank because the liquid you are using might be a high PG, Unsuited for the form of tank and coil you are using.


Problem 7: Vape device OLED screen is not turning on

Try the following:

  1. Mod should not be in the stealth mode

Particular mods can be switched to stealth mode through an option within the menu without even turning on the screen. Check if your device has been switched to stealth mode. If your mode contains this option, push your fire button three times to go the menu and turn off the stealth mode.

  1. Try checking the firmware update

Keep your mod updated to see if there is an update.

If nothing worked:

Your screen might be broken. If your mod is in the warranty, so get in touch with us for a replacement if the product is bought from us or fill our online return form. 


Problem 8: My vape juices are turning dark 

Follow these steps:

  1. Your e-liquid storage

E-liquid bottles must be stored in a dry, dark, and cool environment.

  1. How long you kept your e-liquid there?

Examine how long the vape juice was in the tank. Over time, exposure to heat, UV, and oxygen will lead to darkening your e-liquid.

  1. Examine the nicotine strength of your liquid

Higher nicotine level means faster oxidization that will lead to darken your vape juice quickly. Thus, examine the nicotine strength of your e-liquid.

  1. Keep your tank clean

The new juice in the tank can be damaged if you left any residue from the previous one. So, always keep your tank clean.

  1. Look over your e-liquid nicotine strength

Your coil may need replacement. Follow our comprehensive guide to coil priming, if you are replacing your coil.

Please note:

Over the period, your e-liquid will be darkened regardless of the environment. Additionally, the effects of oxidation freebase nicotine e-liquids contain shorter shelf life than salt-based liquid.


Problem 9: Dry hit/Burnt taste while vaping 

Follow these steps:

  1. Your coil may need replacements

See if your coil requires replacing. You can experience a burnt taste from a coil that has been exhausted; it cannot last forever. To know how often you should change your coil go through our comprehensive guide.

  1. Have your primed your coil appropriately

Please ensure your coil is properly primed if you have replaced it recently.

  1. Give your coil enough time to absorb the liquid properly.

When you replace a coil, before taking a hit, give your e-liquid enough time to saturate the cotton wicking material properly.

  1. Your tank should have enough e-liquid

To prevent the coil from drying out, your device's tank should have enough vape juice to cover the coil's airflow holes.

If nothing worked:

When you vape through your device, the coil needs time to wick new liquid before taking the next hit. But chances are you may take too many puffs in quick succession, and the coil is not getting enough time to wick the new liquid.

Exercise rest in between your puffs to get a better taste. Optionally, to give more vape juice to your coil, examine if your tank has an option for a coil with larger airflow holes.


Problem 10: Dry/sore throat while vaping

Follow these steps:

  1. Have a drink of water

Examine your vape juice VG/PG ratio, VG is what helps generate more significant clouds, and if the vapor production you are having is not enough for you, Switch to an e-liquid with higher VG content.

  1. Try reducing the number of puffs

The puffs you have in quick succession need to be reduced.

  1. Your device tank should have enough liquid

To prevent getting a dry hit you should have enough liquid in your tank.

If nothing worked:

A higher VG e-liquid would be a better option for you because PG is responsible for a more substantial throat hit and maybe the reason for the dry hit. And if you were smoking cigarettes before how long it has been since you left smoking. Sore throat is one of its reason, and also its cessation is a kind of withdrawal. 


Problem 11: I am not satisfied with clouds from my vape

Follow these steps:

  1. Your vape tank should have enough e-liquid

Examine your vape juice VG/PG ratio, VG is what helps generate more significant clouds, and if the vapor production you are having is not enough for you, Switch to an e-liquid with higher VG content.

  1. Your device should be charged enough

See if your vaping device needs recharging.

  1. Check your coil

Your coil should not be dry and analyze if the coil needs replacement (Follow our comprehensive guide to coil priming, if you need to replace your coil).

  1. Clear the contacts

Any connection in the device must be clear, verify, and clean if you found any dust or pilled vape juice.

If nothing worked:

It is time that you should consider upgrading your device to a superior one: To get more significant clouds, you should have a device with a bigger power capacity. Visit Vape Fanaticz and check our range of high wattage mode to get bigger clouds you were looking for.


Problem 12: My vape's throat hit is not pleasant enough

Follow these steps:

  1. Do a VG/PG ratio analysis

Analyze, VG/PG ratio of your vaping device. PG is responsible for offering the throat it, and in case you are not satisfied with its hit, you should try upgrading to a higher PG vape juice.

  1. Examine your e-liquid's nicotine strength

To get a better throat hit nicotine strength of your e-liquid is very crucial. Higher freebase nicotine will provide your better throat hit.

  1. Reconsider your flavor

It is time that you should reconsider switching to a different flavor of e-liquid. To get better hit, try menthol and citrus flavor to provide you more hit instead of sweeter counterparts.

If nothing worked:

Try getting more control over power, airflow, and the temperature by switching to a better device than yours. Visit Vape Fanaticz to check the range of variable wattage mode that can be completely customized for a better vaping experience.


Problem 13: My device is giving too much throat hit 

Follow these steps:

  1. Analyze VG/PG ratio

Analyze your e-liquid's VG/PG ratio. VG is responsible for a smoother vape, whereas PG provides a throat hit. And to get rid of your issue, you try upgrading to a higher VG e-liquid to get a better experience.

  1. See the nicotine strength

Analyze your e-liquid's nicotine strength. More freebase nicotine will provide you the better throat hit; thus, lowering the nicotine strength might work for you.

  1. See the nicotine strength

You can try shifting to nicotine salt based vape juice. With nicotine salts, it would be easier to maintain a very high nicotine dose without a rough throat hit. You can try this in case you are not likely to lower your liquid's nicotine strength.

  1. Reconsider the flavor of your e-liquid

You should try different e-liquid flavors. Menthol and citrus can provide you the majority of a throat hit. So, you should try some new flavours on offer.


Problem 14: My vape is not giving enough nicotine hit

Follow these steps:

  1. Try higher nicotine strength

Analyze your e-liquid's nicotine strength. The majority of the traditional e-liquids include freebase nicotine. This is the reason for taking the nicotine into your blood slower than cigarettes. Switching to an e-liquid containing higher nicotine strength might work for you.

  1. Bump up the power of your device

To have a bigger hit try bumping up the power of your vaping device.

  1. Examine your vaping style

Analyze what your style could be. To get better hits from your e-cig, long, gentle drags might work for you.

  1. Examine your battery

Your vape device battery should be charged enough.

  1. Look over your coil

Your coil may need replacement (Follow our extensive guide to coil priming to prime the coil properly).

If nothing worked:

Nicotine salt would be the better option for you instead of freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts are responsible for taking the nicotine into your bloodstream at a comparable rate with cigarettes and smoother nicotine doses than their freebase counterparts. To know more, visit a comprehensive guide.


Problem 15: I do not have enough flavors from my vape juice

Follow these steps:

  1. Blow kindly through the tank

To release flavor and get the liquid flowing, blow slowly through your tank.

  1. Have a drink

Your taste bud might need to be flushed, Have some water.

  1. Check how old your e-liquid is?

Analyze your e-liquid and get aware of how old it is because, over time, oxidation can degrade the flavor of your e-liquid.

  1. Clear your tank and connections

Grabby build-up can cause flavor delivery, your tank and its connections must be clean.

  1. Switch to a different flavor

If you are vaping the same flavor for a while, you might need to consider some new flavor. There could be an issue of vapers tongue you are facing (Similar to old factory fatigue, vapers fatigue, or flavor fatigue). You need not be worry, sometimes switching to a different flavor periodically works.

If nothing worked:

Are you currently suffering from a cold? A cold sometimes could be responsible for tasting bland or nasty; our sense of smell can impact our sense of taste. Additionally, temporary change or loss of feeling could be noticed due to stress, specific infection, or medications. So now you have it! The vaping problem that we are asked about the most with the solution, we hope that it works for you. However, this list will keep on updating as we get more questions than take commonplace. You can still contact us directly if you did not find your solution in this extensive guide.